Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Next troll come forth...

Alright well apparently the foolery didnt end last week with our Moohey/Duran fiasco, which for those keeping tabs of course he didnt show up to renew. Cant say I was holding my breath thats for sure but funny he was so consistent about "Tuesday" Alas it has come and gone and instead of renewals I got more attitude from simple minded selfish people yet again. You can justify and express your concern and disdain for things Im all for that and hell I practice it each time I sound off on here. But you really oughta keep an eye on who you are burning and the piss poor examples you set in the process and thats where you start to do more damage than you may realize. Last night our good friend Orlando comes into registration and is annoyed telling me he is catching attitude from a few guys out on the track. Now if you know Orlando he is CHILL. And his level of chill actually annoys me because I think he would be much more effective if he didnt be so relaxed, but anyway Lando as I call him has easily 20yrs of service on the PAL board and has seen many generations through the 2-3yr cycles. Lando is a real riders perspective kinda guy too, he is definitely the most rider oriented mind state kinda guy and will consider the riders first before the business aspect. So todays silly mistake comes courtesy of Jeff Aana three cheers for your silly move when you decided to give him shit when he asked you to kindly quit cutting and stopping on the track you really shot yourself in the foot. Again you didnt know it but the same person you gave grief to and complained that he needed to "provide you a solution" its not his problem nor is it the problem of the other 100 riders that you dont have the stamina nor skill to ride your bike for 1200ft at a time. He doesn't owe you a solution fool. Nobody does. But free of charge Im gonna give some advice and I dont expect you to learn god forbid you're 40+ and still whining about people enforcing 40 old rules to address safety. If you would like to practice a certain segment of the track, come out of the gate and either A) holeshot and win the whole lap like the practice champ you are and address obstacles and skills as they arrive. B) roll out of the gate and use the fresh legs technique which Im very fond of, sandbag it a bit let everyone win the practice and then sprint to glory at the obstacle thats giving you problems. You will have a clear path but the problem with this tactic is if you have goon style it will be exposed. Those stick manuals from vegas? Yeah I know you remember them legs locked out zig zag from chalk line to chalk line before the explosion? I feel for you man but you can remedy the situation the new riders clinics are $25 each or a block of 4 for $80 just let me know in sign ups and we can get you on the roster. All jokes aside you really messed up Lando is definitely the one guy I would say keeps the riders opinions at the top and food for thought his time is limited and you just gave him all the reason to stop hoisting the flag on your behalf. Disrespecting a track volunteer seems to be the new trend and nobody wants to see things get ugly so try to keep in mind that riding the track is an opportunity it is definitely not a right. Be kind kids.

Check back tomorrow ladies and we can hope for a positive post for once? I wont hold my breath but each night provides the opportunity for some goodness. #volunteerlife #byebyepractice #2017newnew #youguysmakingiteasy #bridgeburned #ruininganopportunity

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