Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Vibes

Well with a few days off and the rain really stalling things out as far as riding wise I figure I can give my thoughts on what Im thankful for. Im a really really basic person as far as things go for being thankful and what not. Pretty much just happy and thankful to be alive. Sure it sounds like a cliche way to go about it but honestly here is my take so stay with me. Every morning you wake up you got 24hrs to work with and if you are ambitious and a go getter you can make shit happen. You always have the chance to get what you feel you deserve. Yes Im thankful for opportunities and friends all 3-4 of them lol but all that comes from work and the opportunity of waking up another day and working toward things. Whatever you are thankful for I would suggest dont just be thankful for it but nurture it and put some work into it. Dont get hung up on just being thankful but work it and make it even better and also pay it forward. If you are thankful for something look back and see how you can help the next person who is in your path behind you. Enjoy the holidays people.

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