Friday, February 29, 2008


First off let me go ahead and tell you that Keak Da Sneak is the shit. Google that man and enjoy.
Anyway Umm the rain has finally stopped in Nor*Cal so hopefully things get less boring. Ive been sittin at home doin alot of nothing for what feels like ever lol. The good thing is though that sales wise Ive been kickin ass so I at least have a few hunnid to spend on whatever wasteful things I can think of haha. "coke white tee shirt, blue jeans, and nikes"

Really psyked to be going to AZ in a few weeks, that race is always really good and it was like the first national I ever went to when I was a youngsta. Im juiced to see tons of old friends and catch up and with my knee being shot right now the scenery change is definitely the biggest thing. Im used to not being around the same place/thing/people for a long period of time, I like moving around keeping things going forward you know? So really excited to go to AZ see all the people that I aint seen in a good year or 2. The gameplan is to roll to PHX with my sister and her lil ones, Ill prolly drive the whole way because her and Bj both have work that day so Ima roll the all nighter shift and you know me I would rather fall asleep at the wheel then wake up in the middle of a wreck and have someone esle to blame. Uh Oh Story Time!

Matter of fact I think it was the AZ race last year that i went to with Jesse and Andrew. So I drove like 10 hours and the whole drive is like 12. Im pretty tired so i tell Andrew to handle the rest and wake me up when we get into Phx. Hes been sleepin the whole time so he should be cool right? Haha I doze off pretty quick and it hadnt even been 15 minutes and this fool snoozes out at the wheel I wake up and were doing like 55 on a gravel shoulder because the freeway mae a slow right curve and this fool snoozed off. He comes to right at the same time I do and Im shitting myself becuase I hate not being in control when some shit is goin down. We end up almost hitting an inner rail but we get straightened out and get back on the freeway. Haha I bitched him out we laughed it off and I drove again. I made him buy me a 4pack of Red Bull and I drank 2 on the spot and turned up the radio really loud. The last 2 hours either time those fuckers started to snooze I hit the sleep strip things on the freeway to fuck with them. Haha. Anyway someday Ill tell the story of when I cheated death in the 2hip van/trailer but Ill leave it for another day.

So yeahafter the Phx race Im staying to chill there, and then flying to Texas to see the USAC National Championships and see who qualifies for worlds. Ya boy is already in with my main event finish last year but Ill be sidelined I think for this year :( The flying home from TX on Sunday after that race. Lastly Leandre Parker came back after ACL surgery 11months later! Too long man...


Esther said...

when and where are you gunna be in texas???

Esther said...
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Esther said...

you need to write.. i have nothing to read :[