Monday, August 17, 2009

Dont Judge Me.

Package up the work. Haha it's an inside joke between a few friends, but basically I owed a close friend a few hunnid and I decided to pay him back with a lil style all my own. Plastic wrapped some singles and a lil bit of powdered sugar and hit the paper bag with the Escobar logo. We laughed it up and enjoyed laughing at things and having fun with life. If you know me you know I dont support anything of that nature so relax and have a laugh at it.

Orange Cove was good the track was chill needs a little bit of TLC but Robbo and the crew had it in fairly good shape and the facility is still top notch there. I must have holeshotted maybe 10-12 laps and won like 1 or 2 motos? Haha typical Nick stuff. I always have alot of fun racing Phil and Stevey and they always drag it to the line. Every time. Good stuff. Ended the weekend with 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, and 2nd. Allan Porter is running out of room on his belt for notches because he treated Rob on saturday and is still on FLATS!?!? Guys a monster and when he clips in Im not sure what these guys are gonna do. Love ya Rob. Gearing up for NBL Grands/ABA State/Work in the next few weeks. Been pushing the BMX politic shit real hard, the track stuff got stale real quick and Im not sure what is up on the race side, kinda out of the loop or whatever... but working on gettin some more access and stuff at Cunningham. The boss kinda figures I might have a clue after 10years of riding :) So works good. Got the new Vans shipped in today and so far so good, alot more float though but should be ok well see after some rides at the track. Still wishing SC Pal was open publicly, as I work 2-9 daily and would love to work on skills before work but no dice and that sucks. Peep the photo below- Roybal puts the youth large jersey to the test.

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