Monday, August 24, 2009


Good solid weekend I must say. Headed out to Roybals on Friday night I think? Iono kinda blur I guess, but whatever met u with Fowler and Brad at Polo Grounds and rode that trails spot for a lil hour or so. Kinda cool little spot that has alot of potential as the city/county basically gave them dirt, use of a tractor, storage, and water and said ramp it up. Alex lives close so I guess hes the resident local there. I had fun and jumps were weird but still enjoyed myself. Headed over to the secret spot and finally had a chance to ride there. Really good no pedals needed and like 10 hits that are kinda cool and relaxed. Brad was all over the place he needs a shot of confidence or a tampon for his vagina because he was head screwed the whole time, but we clapped when he finally got through the middle section. I had tons of fun and got through without any crazy issues. Ended up bombing the whole line top to bottom before we left and it was fun, really good hip that I like and plan to ramp up more often. Stayed there for a solid 2 hours before heading over to santa cruz's new bike only park that is tall. Haha 6 foot quarters everywhere and Jordan Murdock was just going to the moon all day long. Not alot of times do you see someone who can shred wood/concrete/dirt with no issues and he is definitely a full circle rider. They had a narrow 6foot mini that i took advantage of because I didnt wanna take the time to figure out lines and I hate riding cramped areas with alot of people whom I dont know. Good shit went down I must have taken 40 runs in that mini, it was chill. Met up with Adi, Roynuts, Julie aka boobs, and her boy toy who's name eludes me right now maybe scott? jeff? And went to some mexican spot for dinner and shit talk. Shit talk was better than dinner like always haha. Got back to Roybals and crashed for the night before taking off to roseville at 6:30am, we were makin great time but apparently Nascar Roybal decided 65 meant 80mph and we get a roadside visit from officer numb nuts. Roybal donates to the state of California defecit and doesnt even get a tax write off this time :( Haha I slept for 2 seconds and were rung up on the side of the road like 15 minutes from roseville. Typical. Al is the new Nor*Cal State Champ woot woot. The way I see it if you dont win the state finals then your title is a fraud. Rio Frio... At least your pic looked good buddy! Porter hasnt lost a race in like 2months, once again when he clips in he is going to be trouble. I got waxed! Haha won the first lap from the outside so figured I was good for a 1st or 2nd in the main as I was outside of everyone again, Mulhause hung with me all the way down the first straight but never moved over to keep us from gettin blasted, so lamester pimps him and I get hung out to dry, rest of the lap was blahhhh and I got 3rd. Whatever mayn- Left home and got stuck in the worst 5 hour traffic jam ever. Shitty shitty. Walked into my room at 1am or so and slept hard.

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