Monday, August 3, 2009

Do Good.

Started the first ever BMX Camp at work today which featured a whopping 2 rippers and myself! The kids had a ton of fun and think im the smoothest thing since peanut butter. We learned about linking lines and carving vert transition today and had alot of fun with those 2 Chris and Jordan. Respectful kids who love riding bikes. Raced Prunedale over the weekend. I had a decent time the track felt like junk to me so I only raced 1 day and my gear felt way too big for some reason. Could be tired legs as Ive been riding park nonstop for the past week or so. Dialing back in old tricks really sucks and learning how restrictive a knee brace can be is killing me. All in all I cant complain though. Heading to Tucson this weekend out in the Arizona Desert to race an indoor ABA event which should be fun and kinda excited about a good fast indoor track with a normal rhythm section. Not too much to report for the moment just work all week saving cash for my Evo which Im gettin someday haha. Just got word of a meeting going down as well. So check this below and if you have a chance support one of the guys who supports me- Yeeee


Hayward, CA - Please support Hayward’s Life Goes on Foundation (LGO) on Tuesday, August 4th, at 7:30pm at 15510 Usher St, San Lorenzo, CA 94580 while the non-profit attends San Lorenzo’s School Board meeting to seek approval for an afternoon program designed to benefit children and those living in wheelchairs.

LGO needs citizen support to encourage the school board to pass the measure for LGO to begin staffing and operating an after school program which will offer free use of a both a BMX track for kids & a hand cycle program for the disabled members of the community.

The concept has already been passed and supported through H.A.R.D (Hayward Area Recreation Department). The school board’s approval is the final piece of the approval process to initiate the program. LGO estimates hundreds of children and adults will benefit from its proposed initiative.

“It is crucial that people in wheel chairs just like myself, have an opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as hand cycling”, said Arthur Renowitzky, founder of Life Goes on Foundation. “This proposed after school program of a BMX bike track combined with hand cycling tracks will provide able & disabled people of Hayward a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy fun & exercise,” added Renowitzky. “I am hopeful the community & local media will attend the board meeting and show their support along side with LGO and H.A.R.D for this exciting program.”

About Life Goes On Foundation:
Life Goes on Foundation is a nonpolitical nonprofit organization working in the Bay Area to help bring an end to gun violence amongst youth and to find a cure for paralyzing spinal cord injuries. Life Goes On Foundation was founded in 2007 By Arthur Renowitsky. That year, Arthur was tragically shot at a San Francisco night club by an unknown assailant, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. Arthur is taking his unfortunate occurence and is turning it into a positive mission with a desire to raise awareness of gun violence amongst youth and to find funding for a cure for paralyzing spinal cord injuries.

For more information please visit: or

Media Contact:
Joshua Steinfeld @ 339.225.1581 or

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