Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Haha the weekend trips continue I think im on my 11th or 12th weekend in a row with a race or event. Haha pretty burned out but still fun so it's whatever. 19-27X Marketing killed it this weekend with our lone rider Alan aka Hot Pizzle taking down a win and a 2nd I think at the ABA happenings this weekend. Alan was riding strong down the first straight all weekend and was on point going 1,2,2 in the mains Sunday for the overall and making himself about $800 richer. I was honestly cheering "Daddy needs a new pair of shoes" Thanks Alan for the Vans! Highlights of the weekend? Track sucked with a few rollers sprinkled around a double and some tight indoor turns, made for good action for the spectators but it was just dog eat dog for the riders. I was gettin horsed by every kid in the building and somehow stumbled into a semi on sunday where I finished 5th behind Dennison Smith, Thomas Vallejo, Kevin Shankel, and Lee Lewis who all have several wins this year LOL. I was riding decent though just no ponies out the gate and that track was not good for anything passing wise so I was weak. Road trip was good I knocked out the 12hrs both ways by myself and rocked the kids to sleep as you can see. Haha the bad part is I took these pics about an hour into the trip on 152 East. LOL Patrick Price is definitely a road dog and I will co-sign him on any trip in the future. Respectful kid for sure and has a good attitude and carries himself well. Good in my book for sure. Porter knocked off George Goodall and I told him he is trippin beating factory guys and runnin top 5 NAG and not gettin any assistance from any team. Hopefully he can get some support and go to more races and make a serious run at NAG 1. Orange Cove races this weekend, work all week as Im trying to bank a ton of hours in the next few months. Thats about all Im sure Ill update some more tomorrow and this week. Blake Foxx is as quick @ Chandler BMX as his mom is hot. Ha.

Oh yeah Red Rock Az, has a dope a$$ park that I would have loved to take some runs at, but NO BIKES ALLOWED and it was monitored LOL Pics anyway just for good measure...

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