Sunday, August 30, 2009

34 Hour Trek.

Well boys and girls you read that correct its a 34hour scorcher to Louisville for the NBL Grands. Trip crew is the usual suspects me and Roybal along with Ian from SC. 26 bikes stuffed inside the van, and nothing but 80West for what will be another long drive. The weather lately has been nuts over 100 all week long so thats kinda weird but whatever. Its hella late and I still have to pack my bag and get some rest in before opening the skatepark at 9am before we close @ 12noon for the above 100degree weather... Say a prayer for travel mercy and that i pay attention to the gas guage on this trip, and text your boy sometime in the next 96hours and see where Im located!

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rene said...

i have been a firm believer in doing what you truely love do for living and everything will fall in place