Thursday, July 22, 2010

internet 2 days in a row? what?

Days 7

Headed over to Giba track again this morning for a quick session to basically take back this little "kiwi's" sandles that he left yesterday at the track. Te kid rips he is the W1 in 7 Boys and just hilarious how they just ramp around careless about anything haha. They were just trampling through this huge puddle yesterday with clothes on basically just playin in the mud like it was no big deal. Like 6 of the kids total and the 4 year old lookin kid had legit dreads Im sooo not kidding. HAHA Spoke with the dad a bit and super nice guy and cool to meet other people as always. Thats whats rad about the worlds is just all the different people you meet and within 15minutes your like family with cuz thats just how BMX works. Granted sometimes it seems jock douchebags have overwhelmed the sport but for the most part I think all the guys are genuine and pretty rad. Hung with Chris, Bob, and Marco at Giba and rode the first straight a little bit it was good times and had a good session. I stepped off that jump into the first turn and it was 33steps from lip to landing. Headed over to grab food with the guys after we were done ridin and they insisted that the KFC here is better than what I have in the states. I called their bluff and was definitely the clear winner. They didnt even have the biscuits that our KFC has. LOL how would your KFC be better without even a chance to beat out the biscuit? Pffffft silly kids have no idea :) We're going to Queensburg to ride tonight which is the track with the super slow gate but good track and definitely they get a bigger draw then Giba, should be fun and have a chance at gettin some straights with Chisslett who basically is the icon there LOL. All the guys I chill with here they basically dont like the politics that come with the "high performance" crew that Chisslett coahes and trains and their is some separation for sure, and quite a few have expressed that I am the chosen one to dethrone him in a sense. I told them Id like nothing more to be the guy to take the W1, but I do respect his talent and he will be a factor and has to be a favorite of sorts. Im sure tonight will be testosterone filled and nobody holding back but Ill leave a little bit in the tank and play it cool. Ive already seen some people go down trying to win the Worlds 2 weeks before the actual race lol. All in all good times though and Im excited to meet with the guys for the evening session there. Did I mention they sell beer in the snack bar there? Yeah no joke and Chris' mom does the finances for the track and she expressed that the sales form that stuff definitely keep the track afloat. I dont ever expect the tracks in the states to go that route but pretty cool that they make it work to their advantage here and dont seem to have a problem. Thats all for now!

Evening session at Queensburg just wrapped up:) I was asked to fill gates with the SA HP team which I gladly accepted beause I knew it would give me the chance to get between Kane Herbert and Jordi O'Keefe all night which I did. I have the best gate out of the group because they are all doing different things every time it seems, so it was quite fun actually. Jordi catches up by second pedal and starts pulling away but myself and Kane get rad all the way down the first straight until he eventually pulls me as well. It was a good time, coach Chislett haha had us do 10 first straights 100% intensity and all of them with about a minute rest inbetween. It was a good pace and I might try and keep something a little more structured like that in the future. The bad part was that I noticed badly that my top speed spin could definitely use some work. I dont know that a week before Worlds is going to fix it but I will definitely start doing some rolling sprints and work on my spin at high speed because thats where Jordi walks away from me and Kane as well. Good times though and nice learning what I need to work on.

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