Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Days 3,4,5 maybe? Ha. Just woke up and figured I gotta keep the text updates going since the flip cam stuff works but the upload speeds here are no match for the million gig videos :( Anyway yesterday was way rad mysefl Lloyd and a guy named Ross met up at about 11am to hit the local track and then a beach ride which sounded fun so I was psyked. We got down to the Queensburg local track and it was a pretty cool little spot. After playing 20 questions with every single rider in the place since I was the newb, I got to do some riding which was long overdue since I ride just about daily when Im home and this is by far except for an injury the longest Ive gone without a session. Track was fairly dialed with some paved turns and a good sized starting hill. First jump was long and low and impossible to manual so it was fun to get the place dialed like piece by piece. Second straight had a short small 2 jump pro section that was pretty cool but nobody was messin with it so I left it alone as well. Laid down some first straights and worked on my gate as usual and then decided to cheer on Lloyd and flipcam his laps. Little did I know when Lloyd mentioned that my arch enemy Johnnathan Chisslett would be there that he literally had brought me to "The House Of Chisslett" LOL Johnatthan shows u and recognizes me pretty quickly and makes it over to me as Im having a cool down Sprite of course and we play 20 questions and get caught up and talk about worlds and stuff. Long story short, JC is like the High Performance coach there and has a stable of 16-20yr old rippers that he trains, and O'keefe and Kane Herbert are there to keep it Elite level. They run like an elite open type race at every local race and they draw 2 racks of 8 dudes which none are slouches in any regard. It was nuts you would think the world titles were on the line that day because these guys were going at it in the turns and it was just in the scheme of good training. They got a dialed program there and the podium went- O'keefe, Herbert, and Chisslett respectably. Lloyd was gettin busy and hi gate start reminds me of my old one haha. He has no hip thrust but can pedal his ass off, so were going to work on his gates at the next track we hit. It was a fun session and Chisslett wont be showing up for the 3peat without a fight. Did notice that his gate is lacking big time, o dont line his ass up next to me haha first pedal cutoff you got it! LOL

Then we tripped out to the Durban Beachfront for a beachride and to check out the festivities for Nelson Mandela's B-day. Some of the craziest sand art I'd ever seen and a million people just out and about enjoying a nice day. Kinda like a Santa Cruz setup but much bigger and a concrete sk8park like dead center of everything. Park was kinda weird but prolly fun once you figure out all the lines. I scored yet another burger and it's hilarious because when I order here I simply ask for the american sized portions of everything. They gave me some cute like 8oz. drink and I joked about "what about the next swallow" Lloyd saw me knock off a 2liter yesterday and thinks my stomach is going to explode hehe Robbyn, Lloyds mom said were going into detox water mode starting next week so that should be fun as well. Ross had a good time although he was kinda quiet but it was chill. Then we headed out to another beachtown to grab some dinner at a friends restaurant that was pretty dialed. Small place that gets really busy when the tourist times are here but last night it was chill, food was dialed and fast and I filled up. Lloyd made the mistake of asking about how a few people were doing from blog posts and stuff, things went well until he brought up Judas Lilly. I gave him the whole story and he was I think more pissed than me because he aint down for a shady fucker anymore than I am lol. We toasted to real people and good friendships and shook out that spot. Oh SNAP! I forgot when we got home Lloyd told me he had a lil picture for me. I was psyked he told me he did this art gallery thing awhile back and used a picture of me. He said it didnt sell... WTF haha. I was pretty bummed nobody would buy and 8x10 of me ripping in my prime, but I was psyked cuz he gave it to me. Its a black and white print of this flair from Woodward West, dialed! So bringing that thing home for sure. Im going to upload some .jpg stuff off the flip so at least still pics will work for now. Got the worlds info and 20 guys in class and 16 in cruiser... Small but definitely not any slackers...

Day 6? Pretty chill day for the most part we met up with Brett again? The same dude that owns that restaurant we went to and hit the mall. We were gonna have a really gay movie date with 3 dudes, but opted to hit some like karts and golf type place at the mall instead. The place was super shady and took more of our tokens than anything. Hella old shady arcade setup that was fuckin hilarious. The go karts were sketchy but the guys didnt give a shit so we crashed em up pretty good haha. Grabbed some food court specialty lunch and just chilled out for a bit. Ive been searchin for a South Africa fitted cap but yet to have any luck, but Im sure Ill find one before I get back to the states. Full day of riding tomorrow should be fun I guess some guy has a pro gate setup so should be good to help Lloyd get the snap he needs to be in the thick of things. He got some new contacts today and I was psyked for him because he was seriously way happy about being able to see shit more clearly. I told him that sometimes the simplest shit can be the best and was glad he got that shit all squared away. Fucker has 20/20 vision now haha. Met a girl named "happiness" today no shit. Robbyn has her come and clean up their house like 2x a week and she was pretty nice. She didnt know I was from the states til after we left for the day but Robbyn warned me that she would have a ton of questions for me the next time I see her. hehe. Watched some movie called "the box" tonight and it was pretty weird but good I guess. almost as funny as when Lloyd yells across the movie place " Nick have you seen the box" and I yell right back " Lloyd in 26 years of life Ive seen plenty of box" HAHAHA he starts dieing on the spot and I just keep the punchlines going. " Ive never filmed the box lloyd but if they have it on dvd I think its a fairly good choice cuz I never came across box I wasnt a fan of" Haha about 15 people in the store and myself Lloyd and the clerk on duty were just in tears about the shit I was firing off. They legitly had some red sofa and I finished the next 15punchlines while sitting down holding my stomach. I even got some Black Licorice for Al Cimino. I personally think that shit tastes like crap but he is into it and wanted some SA styled kind so I lucked out and they had it at the dvd spot. After seemin like a weird tourist and askin where it came from I deemed it legit and made the purchase. It was 5 Rand so basically 85cents or so. Its weird cuz 7.45 rand is 1 US Dollar so I always have to do math before I buy anything. I got 500rand the first day I got here and I still have like 300 and that 500 rand was only $76USD. So I guess Im being typical Nick frugal, but it feels funny paying 150rand for dinner Im like wtf this shits alot then I do the math and its like 10bucks ha. Anyway finally got my sleep cycle fixed and can sleep and wake up about the right time. Word to the wise for you guys coming late, I doubt any of you even read my blog- but if you do apparently drinking tons of water somehow makes your body adjust to time changes better? Try it what u got to lose? OK Jay Z playin on the itunes and my ass is off to sleep. Yeeeeeeeeee

Another local track... Rode tonight at this crazy MTB Park that has a BMX track as well and had a great time. They have dialed pro gate setup and all the hot shot guys were out gettin gates like Sunday. I was getting down the first straight quick and felt good and took a few laps with o'keefe and was pretty happy to be at his back wheel into the turn. Met another ripper local kid that was jumping into the first turn there which is this like triple step up thats about 35feet long... I was very tempted to hit it because I was beating him to the first turn every lap and he was airing it out behind me. But risk vs. reward so I left it alone hehe. This other douchebag guy that Lloyd doesn't like was gettin gates with me tonight and I was noticing how annoyed he was that I was gettin the best of our matchups and in a hot lap with o'keefe he tried to divebomb the both of us in the paved 1st turn and laid it down and annihilated himself in the process. Silly goon worlds is like 10 days away calm ur ass down. Did an interview with Lloyd today for and did another interview with Robbyn last night for her local magazine, so I should be famous soon. LOL good times- dinnertime finally!

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