Friday, July 30, 2010

So Denmark Huh? :)

Haha class race went down today at Worlds and it went decent for me but as always with Worlds it only takes one lap to end your day and thats my story along with alot of other peoples Im sure. Day started out kinda shady the ground was moist and pretty much soaked from the night before, meaning the hill was soaked and people were sliding out left and right and UCI didnt think to postpone the start time till the haze burned off and got things dried up. Run it was the call and we did. I had a tough moto but knew I had an even tougher semi awaiting. First round a Check (sp?) Republic dude beat me to the turn and was every bit of 6'6" LOL I tucked in for the 2 and passed him down the second straight away and felt really good. It's like a worlds thing I guess that you stress and stress the whole time until you ramp a lap and it feels alot better when your running up front and for me luckily took down a moto win firs round. We had racks of 6 dudes so taking 4 to the semi another low score in the second round would have me chillin in the 3rd round. 2nd round I had an outside gate and got beat this time to the turn again but by a French guy and was pretty surprised because now 2 guys have beaten me to the turn and that lets me know my Semi is going to be even more than I previously thought... But whatever I tucked behind him again and passed him in the 3rd straight rhythm with this jump line I had dialed in. 2 motos and 2 wins I was lookin good across the board for the most part. 3rd round I had only 2 points going in so I knew I was making the semi regardless of the moto outcome. I planned on going first straight and then shutting down to save some legs for the semi. I went first straight holeshot it finally and just kept going before shutting down 3rd straightaway, I guess I was moving out fairly well because nobody passed me and I ended up acing the motos 1,1,1 and it was semi time. I watched the 1/8's and 1/4's for 17-24 and the USA riders were dropping out quick. A few of my boys Niko and Ian went out in the 1/8 and Carillo in the 1/4 but they rode well. I got all warmed up again and checked the semi and we had 6 legit guys lined up and were all in the middle of the gates from 2-6 with the W1 in lane 8 I think... I snapped out and as I got to my third crank just before the big drop, I was swallowed up like Jonah and the Whale :( Elbows over my bars I was like off the pace for sure... I wasnt in panic mode at all just started the strategy and watching the lap play out and choosing my spot right... Get to the first turn and watch everyone come high so I couldn't high-low but had a good spot to pedal high the whole turn. I started to do that and entered the turn in about 5th id guess. I get half way through the turn and HoJo comes crashing on through, he had lane 2 and knowing that guy he always tries to bump his way into position LOL He was all over the place and laid it down just in front of me, I swerved right and got around him but he basically made the wall between the front 4 and the rest of the pack, I recovered and started chasing down the guy in 4th who had about 4bikes on me and still thought I had a shot, keeping in mind I passed people all day down the straights. Not to be though the guy behind me in 5th didnt play it so smart and as we entered the 2nd turn he went ahead and parked me for 5th place LOL. 5th doesnt get us in the main you dummy, I ended up passing him back I think but it slowed us up so much that it was useless as the front 4 had all but checked out. Weak Sauce. Chislett ended up getting a 2nd in the main so his 2 in a row ended on his home soil which was bummer for him, Levi Collins from Australia took home the W1 plate and I got ummmmm a pat on the back? Cruiser bike is in 48hours so all my hopes and dreams are on the bike that Im way sketchy on haha. Should be fun though and Im excited to ramp some more.

The coke is flowing (not the powdery type) and Im eating everything in sight. Healthy eating and drinking didnt pay off for crap so Im back to the good stuff that my body runs nice and rich on LOL Rap music really loud and watching the Elite stuff tomorrow. Maris is my pick for the win and Marco AKA The Stay Strong TM took down the Masters win today which means he went back to back in a sense because he won 30&Over last year and Masters this year. I need to move to the UK cuz everyone rocks stay strong gear so hard its sick. :) Thats all for now leave a comment and tell me how cool I am and that the worlds is for jocks haha. Denmark here we come I guess :)

I got my magazines today with my little interview in them :) Robbyn hooked it up for me and I was pretty psyked cuz now Im truly "Locally Respected-Internationally Known"

Thats all for now...


Anonymous said...

Where's a post about that Dave guy from south africa. I heard he was going to get world one for sure. I mean, mother fucker he won practice day 1.

Chris McMahon said...

Too long, didn't read. Call me, motherfucker.