Saturday, July 24, 2010

USA Invasion. Well kinda...

Coach Bradford showed up today at the Queensburg track today and we chatted a bit while Bubba Gonzalez showed me that this is the year where things align and he gets the W1 he has been searching for :) Couple of USA guys showed up, Ian and Gavin Lubbe who is SA/USA split LOL came out and ramped with us at the local track and were all gonna hit Giba tomorrow. Ive been chillin a bit my legs felt really flat after doing way too many gates and first straights with the HP guys here and Giba by myself so I was chillin today and light ridin tomorrow. I pretty much gave away my white VANS LOL. This kid Bob, Jordi's younger brother is like crazy in love with em and I told him if he wins the worlds or I podium class Ill give em to him. Then I told this other kid Dustin who is in 17-24 that if he even makes the main they are his. Haha I might be shoeless when this trip is all over :) LOL Fuck it. Rhino tomorrow morning at 7am pretty psyked.

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