Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doin it...

Rollin out the blogs lately, really need to stop though cuz this thing is startin to look like a twitter account with just random spurts of info. Been workin on gettin a step ahead of everyone and got that wrapped up today, Ordered a gunmetal envy from Bill @ and got the player hook up. Really excited to build this bike and not sure what Im gonna do about parts, but Im psyked on this build for sure. Taking off to Mexico on a cruise tomorrow because the rainy weather in the bay wasnt fun enough I wanna go right out to the source. lol. Pic below of the whip im building up, profiles will be sent off to powder, prolly just get all my parts done at once... forks/cranks/bars/and stem... $ Selling my white envy pro xl. offers?

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