Monday, February 14, 2011

Florida, BINGO!


Got home from sunny but bitter cold Florida last night. Good times had a chill weekend on a pretty crazy built track. Think big jumps steep and deep but weak lips and no room to gain speed which made everyone who wasnt nasty fast look very goon. Ive never had to actually roll so many jumps in my career, and feel like a novice doing it because I was still gettin tossed around like it was my first day on a bike. It was funny listening to peoples reasoning about how this is how tracks need to progress and whatnot, but at the end of the day kick rocks your facility was top notch but your actual track just basically SUCKED. Its just my opinion so dont get your panties in a knot, for every one of me their is like 50 riders who enjoyed it. LOL. Oldsmar is a scratch for me next year and itll be funny to see how many of these progression chasing people will book flights again next year. Primm got cancelled?!?! That's straight up garbage and Im not sure what the NBL/GSX/UCI is thinkin but perhaps its time to sit down and realize things are all over the place. One single concentrated effort is going to show alot more execution than trying to change BMX across the board in one season. The membership thing was a good start I thought but now the rest of the stuff is just a huge ball up... Wish em the best though.

BINGO! I got home and Monday and met up with my grandma at bingo and some cuzzins like usual. Its weird cuz who knew that bingo would be the like communication bridge to keep in closer touch with my grandma. Always a good time just chit chattin with her and the cuzzins, I ended up winnin $200 bucks which was nice since I have been to bingo like every Monday for the past 6 months LOL so kinda glad I won for once haha

Did I mention that my new training plan is definitely firing on all cylinders? Roynuts skipped Florida so I had to drink his portion of Pepsi, double fisted and held it down for the team. Apparently that was a mistake because I straight broke the sprocket on my 24" whip. Yeah check the pic suckas, breaking chains is for amateurs... George at Rennen is in the underground lab working on a metal strong enough to hold my power. Stay tuned.

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