Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surely the end is near...

Im a pretty biblical person which if you only sorta know me that might be a surprise but if you really know me then your in theloop. The bible says in the final days "good will be called evil and vice versa. The first will be last and last shall be first" Anyway Im pretty sure the end of the world is just a few weeks, hours, maybe minutes away. The Aztec calendar runs out of predictions next year and they were pretty damn correct on alot of stuff, Im guessing they saw this newest revelation and figure surely the world was coming to an end just after it was revealed to them as well. Nostradamus (yes i googled the spelling) predicted alot of stuff as well but even this one he slept on, even the best will just flat out not believe some straight up BS when they see it. I for one am thrilled though and give credit where it's due. So if everyone can raise their 20 oz. Pepsi bottles and mumble a few kind words as we toast, believe it or not, your current National Age Group Points Leader in 36-40 Expert in the ABA.... Drumrolllllllllll
Al "Roynuts" Roybal. Yeah I didnt believe it either but I checked the aba site and well its factual information. Had to take a moment to sit down with the guy and bang out the exclusive interview. Forget about it Jerry Mania, Mike Caruth this aint no BMXNEWS Podcast this is the uncensored unedited never spellchecked raw gnarcore interview that youll only see here... (and posted throughout several facebook accounts in about 15 minutes) LOL. Strap on your seatbelts this one might get rough!

Well Al Ill be the first to say congrats on your early lead in the ABA NAG points you seem to be handling it well. How do you do it?

Well thanks Nick it feels really good to get a pat on the back from such an iconic figure in BMX such as yourself. As for me handling the NAG lead... I have a girl thats El Salvadorian so staying in front and on top of the nagging is something Ive learned over the years I guess. No big deal just pedal the kids bike, and double down on 11. Reno is the easiest race of the year.

When I told a few people I was interviewing you I got some mixed reviews... I asked a few hot track moms down at SC PAL and 4 out of 5 of them said, and I quote- "dont believe the hype, its no surprise that he starts things out fast, but he cant seem to finish the job" They all chuckled and snickered which was odd but that being said I have gone to the ABA Grands with you a few times. One time you were a 1 lap sensation until the rhythm section took you out and then the next year you take down a ROC win, then this year you watched both mains from the stands... What Roynuts can we expect to show up in Tulsa when all the chips are on the line?

You said 4 out 5 moms said I couldnt finish the job? Who was the holdout and whats her contact info? haha. As for Tulsa and chips on the line, wait who has chips? Ruffles? I love those things and pass me another Pepsi. Wait back on track Uhhhhh Tulsa is really not my kinda event. Ive had some great laps and some heart breaking moments in that damned building. Luckily the ABA builds a long track so the meatheads with all the HGH and Roids are usually blown out by the third turn, thats when my training really kicks in. When you see Di Prete, Raul Gomez, and the rest of the goon squad single pumping rollers like Dom Daniels on her way to yet another world title, it's easy pickins for me. Im smooth as a goose, and unfortunately Di Prete will have to face THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. I am just better. As for the heart breaking moments last year, that guy was sketchy through the expert section and jumped into me! I learned though, ALWAYS GOTTA WATCH MUTHA***** AROUND YOU.

New team this year and some new bikes? How is that working out?

Where do I start? I have a close friend who shall remain nameless, but Ive seen this guy squirrel into main events that he had no business in. Ive seen him holeshot main events and get snapped by 13 yr. old girls within a span of 2 hours, and I once watched him crash while pumpin a 4inch roller. All the while doing it with a certain style in his riding that Ive never been quite able to duplicate. I asked him one day what his secret was and he told me that we were both much of the same. We both recognize only one true "gym" and the correct spelling is Jim, followed by Garcia. We both ride more for the enjoyment than the competition, and were both suckers for Pepsi in heavy doses and women that fit the same description. The only difference was we were riding 2 different bikes. I was on some frame from Bangkok that was sewn together by Mei Ling for 2 rice bowls a day and a SPEED sticker was slapped on it with some leftover red nailpolish... This guy though was riding a Supercross Envy. Through all his epic journeys that frame held true and once I built one up this year and got my handlebars up to a manly height things just really came together for me. Its kinda like when my herpes medication finally cleared up that rash, Ive been smooth ever since. Kelly and the entire Napa Valley Crush Crew has been great and I look forward to helping the team through the year!

Wow a little too much information Al, but lets continue on. Whats your schedule looking like for the season, ABA? NBL? UCI?

If a gate is dropping, Ill be there. I plan on making my return to the worlds this year and it will cap off my stellar season that is just in the beginning stages. Some guy won the W1 plate last year with jeans and a belly, look for much of the same but Ill be that guy in again jeans with a belly. The NBL is family and through thick and thin Im racing all the events I have the chance to get to. My goal is to unify all the titles in one year, basically if you want a #1 plate in a class that I race in you better hope the ABA, NBL, and Worlds series enders fall on the same day in different geographical regions because those plates will come through me and me only. And im not talkin come through me like hooters wings at 3am outside of oklahoma city on the side of interstate 40. I mean you gotta beat me if you wanna be considered the champ. I got the deed on the class fools. Rennen better come up with something better than decimal gearing cuz even that aint helping his has been star rider... Decimal? You bettet try turnin up the decibels!

Any tips for kids aspiring to reach your level of greatness?

I got plenty of advice and tips. Always assume the dealer has a 10 in the hole, never count out the guy in last down the first straight, you dont need ponies if you own an actual horse, friends are like enemies and enemies can be your best friends, fill up the gas tank often when Nick drives anywhere, when it comes to BMX dinners get your meal on a seperate ticket- trust me all BMX'ers are the worst at paying their own dinner bills, say what you mean and mean what you say, live fast and ride faster, and rather to have crossed the line than to never have toed the line at all. Cold Pepsi. Moto Sheets. Mic. Life is grand aint it?

There you have it people. Thanks to Al for the verbage and stay tuned for more interviews that will more than likely never come

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I am happy to hear that you are a biblical person, but youre going to have to do a lot more than pray come March when Nate Mellone checks into the Buffalo Bills hotel and casino. Word has it that he is on a mission to destroy this said "Nick Dawg" character. When he is in the gym he doesnt count Mississippi's. No No! He is counting Valencia's. The determination and pure hatred for that Levi wearing hoodlum is evident when staring into his eyes as he squats 1000 LBS for the 15th time on his 3rd set. You better skip the skatepark and start sprinting because youre already too far behind. The best you can do now is try not to lose any more ground than has already been taken.

Yours truly,