Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wheels done and so is hub :(

Laced up my wheels and got em all dialed in. Decided I would clean up and lube the hub while I had everything apart and that proved to be an issue haha. My bearings felt a little rough so I pulled my driver out and sure enough my driver has 3 different cracks all along the pawl engagement points :( Super sketchy. Profile Elites... Someone find em at cost and Im on em. Love my 4stroke though and just made do with a shady fix job and kept it rollin. Check the finished product below, left my wheels with the normal spokes rear and front ti and nothing crazy just shaved the rim weight by a few ounces. Paired up with some lite tubes should make for some quicker acceleration.

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lloyd ramsay said...

that's all well and good but do the cranks even turn on that thing yet!?