Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a joke...

I dont usually comment on the shitty "press releases" that lack luster garbage ass public relations people put out in the BMX community because they are all fuckin idiots, but this one made me laugh and showed that no matter how fast and chill you are on a bike, the wrong guy typing up your press releases can cast a cocky shadow on your image. This is a quote from Sifiso Nhlapo's release that went up today over on mania.

"Well if none of the other South African Elite Bmx riders are getting past quarter finals at the SX Events and scoring points it will pretty much make it hard for SA to qualify for the Olympic Games and realistically Skizo will have to rise to the occasion and podium at the 2012 World Championships."

Really? Way to have some country pride you fuckin douchebag. Taking into account Gavin Lubbe is my boy because he is local and what not Im probably biased a tad bit, but come the fuck on man. Your boy is good and has done alot for SA on the international level, but to assume that Gavin, Kane, Jordi, etc etc etc arent contributing to the efforts is a fuckin slap in the face. I understand your building the suspense and all that shit too, but take for a second what the fuck your typing and putting out to the masses. Dudes are working hard everyday to work toward earning some spots, and then to capture those spots. Your press release is trash and I hope it motivates the SA guys to 1) ride just as hard as they have been, and 2) kick your ass and stab you with an aids infested rusty nail sourced from good ol SA.

Get em Gavin. Good luck this weekend in Florida.

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lloyd ramsay said...

I was just thinking the same thing reading this shit! "Lets make out like he is the only person to ever ride a BMX in poor old africa." Horseshit. I can pick that "press release" apart all day long.
This guy takes the olympic gold for running up medical bills.
Give Lubbe the support and the cash and lets roll...also someone owes me 5 minutes of my time for reading that crap.