Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to an old routine...

Figured I could post an old pic since my theme is old stuff haha. Jay Fil always asks me how to turn his tables into inverts and I told him I had this pic somewhere. Its all about your footing buddy :) Miss those long day sessions at Hayward. Good times. So getting back on the city payroll in a few short days and first thing to do is get a winter camp arranged. So word on the street is the kiddies have the 19-23rd of Dec. off school. Sign your kid up for a week of fun. Camp runs 9am-1pm and then we open at 1pm to general public. If your kid stays home he will likely watch a bunch of cable and miss out on a week long session with good ol... Me! hehe contact me for more details. Planning a big event for Feb or so... Might be a really god event if one detail goes my way :) Gotta stay quiet about it for now but good news if it works out. Starting Jan 1st my new program will be riding concrete almost daily. The skills will go way up or Ill be broke off pretty quick so we shall see which one happens first haha. Been trying to session Post Office in Aptos this week but Ive heard every excuse in the book from all the guys Ive hit up :( Nyquist is still broken so the reliable session is missing. Cant ride trails alone but tomorrow maybe I will just go for the hell of it.

Twist your feet and push that inside arm to your shoulder boys. :) ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

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