Sunday, November 20, 2011

Levi's Code! Shred Sessions LOL

First things first... Get that denim fix and whatever else you can spend some money on and then take a cool 30% off the price tag with this code @ Simply enter RS3V at the checkout and walaaaa. Shout out Carla for the inside line. Use it or lose it ***VALID NOV. 28th- DEC 4th***so dont put it off get your stuff in time for Xmas which is looming!

Rode the best jumps ever today LOL Calabasas was the spot and I just did all the normal stuff and even squeaked out a few twitchy fast and ugly 3 turndowns LOL. Sessioned the step up for a bit and was amazed at how much I suck on that jump LOL its like a lip at the bottom and then it fades away quick at the top... Just weird but Jay laid down a really good 3 on it, then he took his foot off like a goon, he manned up and sent another and looped out and had enough. He is on the new bike psych so I was stoked for him but he definitely has taken the step to learn the trick so now he just gotta dial em in. Matty Matt was shreddin with us and he is the youngest so he will likely be the best but he gotta put in the work too haha. Solid session and even Ryan was throwing x ups, Im shit with names so if I butchered his name Ill get it right next time. Off to get my dig on tomorrow either over the hill or some other spot, typical weekend and then loading up some boxes and bins as move day to the new apartment is monday. Found a few potential houses to cop in SJ so hopefully one of em works out. We shall see.

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