Friday, November 4, 2011

Thinkin back...

I guess I should have done a scrub style kickout for this shot because it would have been a scrub while in scrubs... Funny? No? Ok moving on haha. SC PAL was frickin freezing tonight and after about 15 first straights I was very over it. Oie was going fast as was Alexis and Robert Szilagi (sp?) had my ticket punched all night so kuddos to him for beating me down the first straight each lap we took. His first few cranks were carrying him out well and my shit was stalled LOL. I showed up in my work digs and didnt even remotely think of changing out of them, added 2 layers of clothes on top of them and did as much as I could but it was still NASTY cold. Tomorrow is likely the last trail sesh of the season with PM showers so I am trying to get out to Aptos and eye up what we can start the dig season with and send a few farewell hits. Maybe even send the watts hit a few more times, who knows.

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