Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Nothing special about the date just felt like typing it out for some reason LOL. Felt like I havent blogged in a few weeks so figured Id get back at it n see whats on my mind. Heading to peep an apartment in a few minutes and 95% sure it will be my new residence while I scope out a house to buy still. Short lease so Im not locked into it for too long, but we shall see. Not too psyked about having to do an apartment because I think the pressure of bein at my aunts was making the house saving and searching so much faster and now that we have a 4-5month window Im sure things will slack up but whatever. Gettin the escape window fixed pretty soon as soon as one of these people call me back with a quote for it. I swear in a shit economy you would think people would be fighting for work. No dice though. Did I mention Ill be in Fremont at the new spot? Yeah off Stevenson pretty far down, would be CRAZY if the skatepark was still there since thats like a 2 minute pedal from the apartment Im going to. Luckily it's not- Id have $5k in tickets in a few weeks Im sure but my flairs would be even bigger LOL Dons bike is still missing I think, but Im sure that fool filed a claim with his insurance and could likely build a BEAST of a new bike. Id be pissed if someone stole my shit outta my car but at the same time a $500 deductible is a small price to pay for gettin a fresh whip. Speakin of which I need to get that bitch tinted up ASAP. Got my stock intercooler piping yesterday and need a coupler or two to get it all smog legal LOL go figure. Ill get around to it, likely after I get pulled over for my tags which expire next month LOL. Chris said he is oficially hitting the brakes on which we had spoke about a few weeks ago but I figured he was just bored with it for a bit. Said he has been workin alot which I totally understand. Im not sure who will run with the flag from now on and the rest of the local sites have nowhere near the range of sjbmx so should be interesting to watch. If I were Specialized Id buy it and try an put subliminal messages in all the posts and move units that way haha. Will Grahn is a manly man in case you didnt know. Thats all for now kids been diggin at the trails and the sessions are only at Post Office now as SS is pretty much a flood zone now, Its drained nicely but seasons over unless you buy some sunshine and sneak it through the trees. Yeeeeeeeeeee

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