Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Finally got around to installing my stock airbox and filter on my evo the other day since my smog month is finally here and it went pretty well. Rigged it up and was immediately sad the sound was way lamer than normal. Shot down to a smog spot in the hood by my job, she passed with ease and then the questions started about my intercooler piping... Why is is polished? Did it come polished? LOL Its polished cuz that shits baller son! So none the less the dude failed me for not having a stock air filter... Which is still on my car but whatever. I ordered up a black murdered out stock upper intercooler pipe today w/out the blow off valve flange and will install it later in the week and send my shit back for round #3 haha. Smog has been annoying to say the least but the good thing is I called a shop today that was kinda a far drive and he said bring it by when I get the new piping and he will knock it out. Jyeah tryin to get legal its rough in the streets bruh! Still homeless trying to find an apartment while I find a house to buy, stressin ass shit haha Thats about it doin work, not going to Grands cuz I aint got the ca$h which is shitty since I aint missed a Grands race in like 10 years prolly. LOL what can ya do?


Jonas said...

Im somewhat sad to hear that youre not going to the grands, but then again, youre right on my ass for NAG, so Im not totally heart broken. Actually I am, I need you there to give me fist pumps.

nickdawg said...

I had it planned out pretty well I had some cash owed to me that I figured would have been paid back already but you know how that $hit goes, buying a house in the next few months so any money I burn on racing needed to come on my own and not be pulled out of our main account. Gonna be weird to be home for sure... That being said nobody will be happier than me to see you make the main and avoid the big crash in the main and take home a win. Good luck out there buddy, travel safe and ramp doubles!