Sunday, November 27, 2011

Respect is everything.

Game recognize game, in the bay mayn. Dane Searls with a big 50ft. superman that will likely never be topped. Somebody asked me this morning at LCRSP what made it so crazy about the whole giants of dirt setup and whatnot because the megaramp is approximately the same size, 50 and 75 I believe? I laughed and said check the roll in setup at mega ramp and then glance at the slide friendly masonite everywhere. Manly men do manly shit. I finally figured out the peak air thing at post office and was really psyked on that shit, I did a few 3's and flips and rode some of the lines I dont care much for there but felt pretty good overall and felt like I got my Dane Searls tribute on well. Jay Fil was having a good time getting through the middle line which made him 2/3 of the way through everything at that spot. He has some work to do on the right hip line but in due time he should have it all dialed in. I wont make mention of the 9yr old who jumped that line but lets say Jay is definitely motivated now. Matty Matt got the drop down setup a few times and should be able to send the left hip next time we roll out there, so he is improving too. Still doesnt have the eye of the tiger yet and willing to get broke off, but if he keeps workin on it he should be fine too. Same for Jay just needs to realize the time is now. E85 on deck for the evo, even if Jay says its BS hahaha Matt you aint gettin the Iphone so give it up, flip phones are making a comeback in 2012 so be patient!

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