Sunday, February 2, 2014

Keep it rollin I guess?

I been blogging more and more lately so I guess keep the streak alive right? Haha checking flights today because I have a $99 credit thats gonna expire at the end of March. I can use it for a race in Phoenix or do another Vegas weekend with Carla the connect over there. Likely do a thursday evening and come back monday morning type deal so my flights are dirt cheap. SX this weekend is going down I have yet to finalize plans but my 559 crew is going so I will likely link up with them somehow and roll from there with the cutty Rhyno. Pretty jazzed about that. Work has finally slowed up so I guess I gotta start putting in work on the bike again haha and the evo is no excuse either cuz that thing is getting overhauled at the moment as well. Lots of shit all over the place right now and thankful things have worked out so fluid even though I cleary have been lucky as fuck or thankful to my friends more like :) Thats all for now Go Seahawks LOL

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