Sunday, February 9, 2014

San Diego SX

Sometimes you dont plan the best but forcing the issue always works out for the better. No quitting always wins out remember that advice kids. Worked a 12-14hr day Friday got off took a few hour nap and left toward SD for the sx race at midnight-1am. Snagged Rach Rach from her house and threw eggs at #wheresmatt for flaking on us. Drove all night tired as shit and got to Jesse and Chads house which was pretty cool they got a cutty little setup with all sorts of odds and ends type shit that made it pretty cool. Definitely staying at their place again in the future. SX was dope as always and my dude JS7 took down the win. Wire to Wire got some pressure from Villopoto but nothing too crazy. Helluva good time. Met up with Lilly of all people? Fuckin was good to see her ass man its been too long. We aint talked much over some $$$ issues as always haha fuckin BMX'ers be forgetting how to get ahold of you after they borrow some cash. But that shit was cool to see her and chop it up for a few minutes and said hello to her nephew and Kristin her fam bam sister as well. Her pops was in the house rockin a  cam for the production side of things so I didnt see him but sent my love for sure. Rhyno was in the house missed him somehow and Jonas was there too and missed him? LOL fuck my life haha too many homies and not enough SX. Rach avoided the Betty Ford clinic so props to her on her new found sobriety! JK she had a good time Im sure. Glad to see her get some travel done and expand her knowledge of the world. Apparently fuckin #wheresmatt doesnt need to expand shit he is well traveled enough? fuckin guy. Thats all solid trip in the books shoutout my sleepy road crew of alicia/rach for snooooooozing down i5 being supportive as a daisy LOL Tits ass tickets right on a burly triple I was stoked.

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