Thursday, February 6, 2014

We in this thing breh

Gooooood Thursday to ya folks! Its an official rain in Nor*Cal for the rainy season LOL. After a few solo random days it looks like this weather system is going to hold for a few days and get us some much needed water for the dirt. Good for everyone who was stressing it bad as for me I hope it rains clear through Sunday so I can hang out in San Diego for an extra day to make the drive less painful. Haha seriously the game plan is to work Friday then dip set south hit the sx Saturday and get back for work Sunday if its not raining. Cancelled a flight today and didnt really care because the trip was still happening just my means of getting there had changed to bring more peeps. Rach/Matt are coming with although Matt could be suffering from a swollen vagina so he may flake out which is tragic. Kid needs to experience more in his life for sure. Travel is the key I have said it a zillion times and it falls on deaf ears but Ill keep repeating it anyway. March Hawaii trip? Its in the works :)

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