Monday, February 17, 2014


In an internet world of instant gratification where "we" strive for things like hits, likes, retweets, hashtags, follows, and friends I think some people put far too much emphasis on being rockstars in their fictitious scenario worlds that they portray with each and every carefully chosen upload. Cant stream this and cant stream that, but definitely upload this and tag me about that. People tend to stamp and approve what they put forth when in all actuality the people around you they know the full story and the people who are not really anything of importance are the only people you are spoon feeding your tidbits of stuff in a futile attempt to appear great. And in this day and age most of us just laugh because when someone is making mention on  a daily basis about how great things are and how blessed they are and how seemingly perfect their life is, 95% of the time Im usually suspect that it's quite the 180. Fear keeps people from letting the real facts and details go out to the court of public opinion to whom people think matters. Yes Im rambling, dont like it? Switch to another blog. Where was I. So Im watching Flight tonight with Denzel and that movie is soooooo dope because regardless of how much of a fuck up that dude is in 99% of the movie when it really counts and only a few people would ever know the honest truth that fool held down his homie which had already passed away so he could have saved face and hid behind an easy lie but to boss up and hold your people down rings very true with me. I keep a low number of friends not for some particular reason I just like to know that people that I truly consider a friend are those types of people. The cards down hell or high water gonna back you type people. Most people never understand it and I dont ever try to even explain it to some people because its past their mental capacity, but none the less. This one's for you, thanks for everything and everything to come. You have seen me high and low rich and poor maybe honest or lieing and we kept it moving. Shout out to my real!