Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nor Cal So Cal?

Ok so after watching and reading 4,130 posts about how James' event should be ran where it should be located who would and wouldnt come and what qualified a rider I finally decided to rant here. As you know Im not a huge fan of FB but I am a fan of expressing myself and the good ol blog gives me the platform to do that sooooo with no further delay Ill try to keep this short and sweet.

1. Location- The biggest crybaby of the day award goes to Schmick for his rant about how So Cal deserves to be the host of the event and blah blah blah. Shut up fool since you are such a fan of numbers Im going to show you why your wrong and why Fresno is key. Sacramento is Nor*Cal through and through roseville would qualify as the local track with the "best" program in nor cal by the aba standards. Roseville has turned out some heavy hitters and hosted several state finals so roseville being Sac town will be where our team calls home for the moment. Stay with me nor cal ballers I think roseville sucks but we need to teach schmick so hang tight for a second. Sac town is 175miles north of Fresno. Onto Southern Cal Im using LA for your centrally located spot. Sure the bulk of your rider ship will come from slightly more southern like the 909 area and what not but basically your all Los Angeles as far as we arrogant nor cal guys see it so sorry buddy your LA by default. LA is 212 miles south of Fresno.  So Cal is 212 south of Fresno and Nor Cal is 175 north. Thats about as centrally located as your going to get being reasonable. So Fresno IMO is decided. Furthermore not many So Cal kids make the trip up and not many Nor Cal guys make the trip down south so its pretty neutral as far as home advantage goes. Settled? Fresno it is.

2. Qualifications- None. Your going to find it hard to even field complete teams regardless so spare us with the qualification BS. Put out the details of the event and field resumes' and appoint somewhat of a team captain to form the squads. Classes will need to be mixed up a bit anyway so your going to see that it wont be a cakewalk anyway to field complete teams. I personally am tired of the gAyBA forcing me to "qualify" for this that and the other all the while lining their pockets with more and more entry fees. Its BS.

3. Classes- Age only and open to 20 and 24" so essentially open wheeled. You feel your faster on a cruiser feel free to bring it out. Age groups that I suggest:

8&Under, 9-11,12-14,15-17,18-25,26+

Honestly I dont pay much attention to Girls well not the healthy bmx type ones Im more of a jenny craig dropout kinda girl supporter but thats off topic so someone else chime in for girls classes but I would think they would be a bit smaller contested. Facts of life dont kill the messenger!

4. Hype- As people discussed why would people come to this event and whats in it for them and blah blah blah. Sponsors can be arranged and lots of options are out there what I would suggest as the main draw would be each team comes up with a $500 entry fee to enter their team and the winning team takes home the $1000 pot to divide amongst its riders, buy its riders a nice dinner whatever the hell they want to do. I can tell you that $1000 in the 559 area code can buy you ANYTHING. In the great days of the NBL I can tell you this when I showed up to an NBL state race I didnt care who else was showing up I knew Mary Garcia had an envelope for me that was going to offset my costs for the weekend and I always ended up making money and riding my bike in the process! People will show up  when you throw a few bucks out there. If you look at my outlining classes I have mentioned you could use the $1000 to give each class winner $100 for their efforts if you wanted. Basically all sorts of options and for a team to come up with $500 entry between 20-30 riders is cake. I know Manzanita Park would LOVE to sponsor the Nor Cal team bwa ha ha.

5. Date- dont be an idiot. dont rival a state race. dont bite the same weekend as a gold cup qualifier. Choose an open date and hype it accordingly.

6. That's all nobody cares about the cal cup clearly it died. Yes this race/event does have similarities except for one big fact. Cal Cup is done. This is a baby and an infant that has yet to get its first few steps. If everyone works together it may be small but it can be well executed and bring a good race out. I recall the NBL state series being small never more than 25-35motos but fuck if it wasnt the best series I have ever been involved in. This can fill that void that i think alot of people want to see. A series by riders/parents for riders and parents.

Thats all rant over and I only cussed once or twice.

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