Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life is definitely a full circle experience...

Caught some shitty saddening news out of AZ this evening. Blackmore family of my Psykopath days took a major hit. Shellie passed away and her daughter Dani as well along with 3 other small children in the car. Way sad. I always have kept in touch with alot if not all of my AZ people in the BMX community out there from Tucson and Chandler where I basically grew up and this was devastating news to swallow and came sooooo out of left field. When I met Dani she was a little rough around the edges but just a preteen being a preteen, Shellie was always happy to see her hanging out with a few of us guys who were doing positive things and I recall her coming on a few road trips to Nellis for NBL events and stuff like that. She would travel with the Anderson's outta AZ so I would see her pretty often as well as Shellie. Just crazy to think in the blink of an eye they are now gone. The other weird twist in the story? They passed away on a stretch of I-10 coming back from a Tucson day trip in none other than Picacho Az. If you dont know of it it's because their is no reason to know of that area except for the fact that I lived there for a few years aint nothing too epic going on there and of all the places that accident happens I trip that it's there in Picacho. A blown tire is the fault of the accident and one thing I recall while living in AZ is that tires would blow out all the friggin time. I dont know if its the road heat or what but seems it's always an issue out there. So sad and that family just got dealt a shitty hand losing 5 members 3 under 12 years old and the dad is still in ICU so he isn't exactly in great shape either. Soooo bummed about it all and nothing you can do. Kids I say it everytime this shows its ugly face- enjoy every fuckin day and dont wait for anything get it while you can and live life as much as you can with a respect for the future but not a regard for the future because it isnt guaranteed by any means. I donated a few bucks to the family and if you are bout that life I wont link you but find it online and show your love. To Shellie and Dani- Love ya guys. You are definitely the kind of people I talk about when I say BMX has some legit people and Im glad to have met ya and created memories with. Until we meet again, until we meet again ladies. XOXO

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