Friday, April 11, 2014


"say what you mean and mean what you say" I live and die by that statement for sure and it's applicable to 90% of life IMO. For example you shouldn't be rude when going by that term, well you can be rude just don't go out of your way to be rude LOL. Anyway todays pointless rant is yet again tied into the saga of my fucking car. Last week Wednesday I called dude and basically told him to tell me how long it was going to take until I could come pick it up. Mind you it has been at the shop for 2 months and 1 week at this point. We exchange conversation blah blah blah about the situation I tell him the communication has been shitty on his end and his follow through sucks but Im determined to get the project done so I ask him to tell me how long it will take and to even give himself a few days extra just in case he runs into any snags he will have given himself extra days. He says 1 week. So fast forward a week and a day. Of course I don't hear from him all day Thursday, I text him get the read receipt because iphone stalker mode helps you with that. He doesn't respond at all and all call attempts to him go to voicemail after a few rings. I try the shop line and no answer. Friday morning Im figuring I will drive down yet again and waste a couple hours just to update myself because I love wasting gas and time right? Anyway i try and call his cell again no answer shoot a text no reply and call the shop line. Low and behold he answers! He says what's up like he doesn't know exactly wtf is up? Im cordial and like yo man its nick checkin on the car, you said thursday it'd be ready and its friday whats up? He says its not ready and I need to understand that the ECU stuff takes time, to which I immediately step in and say you dont have to get deep into that at all simply get it to fire and James will handle all tuning and as a matter of fact James can handle it all after the mechanical stuff being finished, so forget that excuse mechanically whats going on. He switches his angle to the fact that "we" have 3 big unknowns The engine is used, the transfer case is used, and the transmission is used. Really thats your angle? The fact that parts are used are the reason that you cant seem to stick to the schedule that YOU created? By all means if the parts were installed and then you started it and the tranny was shit then yeah its a mechanical issue that I would have to take care of, but the fact is you haven't fixed your end to even see if the parts are an issue! The fuck? Don't mention ECU anything because you aren't there yet, he mentions that Im converting to speed density as well. Like wtf? Thats finishing touch stuff man and we both know you are not there yet! Me converting to SD isn't slowing down the project at all! I tell him forget any ecu stuff and ask him are you working on the car this weekend? He says yes. Ok. Would it be a stretch to say Monday mechanically things should be done otherwise you call me earlier? He says Monday should be plenty of time. Im going to call my homie today and line up a tow for monday afternoon because this shit aint never getting done. Im just putting off the inevitable and I know it and dude been knowing it. Lesson learned on my part uhhhhhhhh not sure what lesson I learned because Im not sure what I could have done different? Went with a shop that clearly either bit off more than it could chew, or couldn't deliver on or even remotely near its own deadlines. Annoyed as fuck and at least Im working this weekend and the time will go quickly. See ya monday for the drama update LOL

Throwback to when my car was at a credible shop.

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