Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tax Tuesday!

Well if you didnt get your taxes taken care of its likely that you are hiding out from uncle sam, but in all honesty like they are really gonna try and deny your return cuz its late... I call BULLSHIT on that. Someone let me know if they really have ever hit you with a late filing fee or whatever, I could see it happening but mehhhhhh dont know if I believe it outright. Anyway. Headed down to Livermore for the 3rd/4th time this last week and finally got the evo moved out of d&m. Dude just bit off more than he could chew at the end of the day. Sucks because Im pretty loyal and was sticking by his word but just watched him basically give the fuck up and it was useless toward the end. In the last week things just got loopy and it was a joke. I had no choice but to make it happen elsewhere which I did. So hopefully pending some parts stuff Evo should be getting back into shape here. None the less its at least getting worked on and thats a complete 180. Thats about all that is new got some green scrubs for work now? I kinda like the baby blue ones though go figure. Thats about it for now kinda annoyed and dont feel like blogging anymore, over and out suckas!

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