Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Therapeutic Blogging=BEST.

Sometimes shit can be spinning around you a million miles a minute and appear overwhelming but as long as you stay grounded you will be aight. I have 32 different things spiraling out of control right now but the facts of life and my reasoning are out of the 32 zero are under my control. Sure I have influence and how I approach each thing is in my control to a point but whatever. Never one to put out a teaser and a subliminal I'll disclose my crybaby ass drama bwa ha ha.

So the Evo is still not done. Its been at the shop for 2 months and IMO should have been there a month tops. I spoke with dude and he said a few parts were missing which I know beyond a shadow of a doubt were there, so I sourced them and took the hit. Then I call today and he tells me again the same thing. Bullshit. I called bullshit and now tomorrow I have to go down there and right the ship before it gets any worse. We agreed that it would be finished completed within a weeks time and that is where it currently stands. The parts I need to look for will definitely be there tomorrow I just have to locate them and then all should be well. If they for some reason are not there? Well the whole situation will be headed south in a hurry. Fingers crossed it doesnt go that way.

Work- HR has seem to fuck up my paychecks 3 times in a row each time docking me 2hrs of OT pay. Its a drop in the bucket honestly but more the principle  that I am after. So now yet again I have to go to HR and sit and explain this bullshit again about how the hell am I getting fucked for OT hours. Lord.

Work part 2- Had to file my first ever union grievance this week, because an extra shift was offered to someone besides me and all shifts come to me first via the contract wording. That shit is lame and I wish my manager would just keep that shit in check because it sucks to have to do paperwork and deal with it when I would much rather be working you know? Annoying. But none the less it does work out to free money for me in the end but not my style.

Thats all my drama pretty much and not anything I cant handle just a bit annoying at times. #fuckitdoe

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Jonas said...

shit son, where do I begin. First off, you are complaining about a race car. First world problem.

Second you have a job, and are getting paid for the most part. First world problem.

Third, your complaining about free money. First world problem.

I would give you a million dollars and you would bitch about it being too heavy to carry.

You should only complain that you are not me, thats a real issue.

Love your face