Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So Cal Brahhhhh

So a random chance at a so*cal drive popped up today and I jumped on it. Kid asked if I was up for a road trip and I said sure. Gonna let work know tomorrow and then its a quick 8hr drive south and then his folks paying for me to fly back. Win Win he gets his car done down south and I get a one day vacation. May stay down south for an evening but likely just fly right back and not miss a beat. YG- Who do ya love is the jam right now fa reals. Oooooo maybe see if the Dodgers are playing down south and stay for a baseball game before flying home hmmmmm options! Thats all for now just wanted to toss that on the interwebs. Found an old blog post about a summar of trips from 2009 where I drove/rode in the car for 34,000 miles. Haha wild shit miss those days for sure.

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