Monday, April 7, 2014

RESPECT.   copy paste that shit boyyyyyy

Some things in this day and age when attention is such a fleeting passing moment I truly believe that some things get over shadowed by things that done hold a candle to them. Between tweets, posts, status updates, shares, likes, tumblers, uploads, downloads, etc etc etc. Information is a gift and a curse because you only get a brief glance at it to determine thumbs up or down. Very rarely does anyone slow down and really divulge into something past the initial surface content and its crazy to think what you miss out on. Take for example Red Bull Stratos- by far one of the few mind blowing accomplishments of our generation and a display of effort and execution that is second to none. While NASA is shutting down these types of exploits private companies are just getting into playing around up there. Im not a fan of wasting resources for stuff but if you earned the money you earned the right to burn it as well so cheers to you. Anyway this dude I dont care how prepared you want to be and are but  at the end of the day you can only trust the work and prep you put into something and this man is a BOSS. Take a few minutes and forget about the cute little 45 sec clip you likely have already seen and look into the level of beast mode that this deserves. Savage.

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