Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out of order but who cares :)

Finally getting closer to home, sitting in the terminal in Sydney and really wishing I would have had some cash to blow and stay over here for a few more days. The scenery across Australia is in ever bit of the word Beautiful. They have forest like green areas that run right up to sandy beaches that collide with clean blue water. After the shady weekend of racing I definitely feel I should have stayed a few more days but no worries. I truly enjoyed myself on this trip and solidified friendships with the Avant Garde crew, rode my bike and competed on the biggest stage in BMX and experienced the culture of Australia which is truly a unique, friendly, place that I can only hope more of you get to experience. Looks like South Africa next year is going to be a stop on my places to travel as Im still lurking a W1 title :) I guess to truly appreciate something like a W1 maybe you have to go through the up and downs of getting to that goal. I am 95% sure Im going to keep the lil sprint program going but Im definitely going to finally get to ride park at the level that I like to, and it will be very nice to not have a big race hanging over me and not having to play things cautious... Work all week but Im sure Tuesday night I will get a shot to get ride after I send everyone home- should be good and Im fairly excited. Miss Bailey that lil shit I feel like I never get to play with her enough but Ill grab her sometime this week and make up for my missing days. Ummmm what else? I still have to do my big THANKS blog post for everyone who helped me little and big with my trip, maybe I can type that out on my way SFO haha I do have 14hours LOL

Thanks! Gotta always take the time to say thanks to the many people that help me out in my pursuits and support me in little but huge ways alike.

Avant Garde Intl- J, Max, and Los' were all good company and help cut my costs in Aussie land from 100% down to 25% I had a great time chillin with them and we have similar personalities that blend well. Bay shit what can I say.

Jon @ Sun Ringle Wheels- Once again always has my whips rolling smooth on the best equipment in the market. My rear 24" wheel got pretty banged up after a rough sunday but its not a big deal at all because with those guys backing my play I know Im taken care of. Thanks for everything Jon!

George @ Knight- Stems and sprockets that are on all my bikes and a long time sponsor of mine.

Al @ Jump2Jump- Roadtrips and more roadtrips because if you aint experiencing your surroundings then you aint experiencing all that life has to offer you. Thanks for all the random entries and all the unseen support bud.

You! Like always I leave a space for you to put yourself in there, Im sure Ive bummed a million rides to a million races, stayed on hotel couches thanks to you, borrowed $2 for a gatorade, drank your water, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for helpin me out and I sincerely appreciate it! -Nick

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seventotheone said...

You are taken care of in South Africa Dawg. You and your W1 plate can stay as long as you like.