Tuesday, March 1, 2011


@NickDawg- This is a joke that may or may not be caught but if you did get it then laugh. Ha. Ok maybe not. Anyway Im at SJC and I usually make it a point to blog from here about where Im headed to but this ones pretty simple. I didnt get enough of the casino kickin my ass on international waters, so Im headed to sin city to try my hand at that some more LOL. Gonna visit Steph and Carla my vegas fan club and make sure all is well with them. Primm race was originally this weekend so I had the time off and was set to go, figured I might as well keep in the direction of the original plan even if Gary Aragon and GSUX couldnt give me a legit excuse to go blow money. Haha. New build is slowly underway, watch for it. Thats all the twitter blog is finished. Ha

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