Sunday, March 20, 2011


Team Doin' It factory rider Alan Hotpizzle Hudson scored up a podium behind Alex Anthony out in Az this past weekend on day 1's events. No footage of the race but Im sure it was go fast, tap manual, repeat process for 35 puking seconds and then head to the payout window. The win was worth $700 so assuming second place was at least $400 if not more. Good job goes out to Alan, and in past history when he gets on a hot streak I usually get new shoes. Nobody is hoping more for a double podium appearance more than me, haha. Good job man your going fast as usual, keep it up and lets get on the top of the box boi! Roybal got worked, Porter got worked, and the rest of the team isnt blog worthy this time around. Ill be watching for todays results soon and hopefully the boys will give me something to talk about. Eric Rupe is back in the am classes and took down his first win in cruiser, Im thinking he has a shot at the overall cruiser title just because I can see alot of guys wanting to ride against him and pumping up the rider count in those classes. Should be interesting. Pic below of Hudson beastin a few guys into turn 1.

EDIT- Alan lead the main on Sunday as well, but was beat out at the line by some Lance Armstrong type kid who pedals way too much. When asked if he was bummed about gettin passed he replied "It was a $200 loss when I got passed, but I was busy making sure my forks were visible to get that VSI contingency, so its chill. Which way was the payout window again?" Classy my good man, classy.

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