Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goodbye Vegas!

Birthday Boy and Myself above...

Sittin at Mc Carran waitin for the stupidest route to get my tail home, try Vegas to LAX then a 3hr layover then LAX to San Jose. Haha United is a fuckin joke. Vegas was good as always and I took in some shows. Zumanity was like sexual comedy and KA was the big show at MGM and it was a story about uh.... well... see... umm their was a girl and a guy and they got kidnapped and some worldy pirate shit went down then they got reunited and uhhhh yeah sumthin like that. LOL it was a storyline that was tough to follow but it was a good show none the less. I'm a fan of the shows so if you get a chance I would suggest not passin it up. Christian had 6 or 7 birthday parties and myself and Carla attended 2 which was fun. Had a good time choppin it up with his friends from work and his chick and stuff so that was chill. Met a few more of their friends and re-met a couple too. Good times and Stephers was along for the ride with her sleepy ass. Love ya kidd!

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