Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Build!

Well I told a few people that I had to build up a new race bike since it seems everyone has built up an Envy frame in the past few months, its a nod to the fact that SX and Bill Ryan have stamped the frame market and seriously upped the ante that few manufacturers IMO can even think of achieving. I had to do something special and I prefer profile cranks to big bulky aluminum run of the mill shimanos anyway and I had a brainstorm idea and with a little bit of investigating and a whole lot of ca$h, I got what you see in front of you. One of three Mid BB SX Envy's thanks to Bill Ryan for hookin it up. Sun Ringle came through with the wheels as always, oddly enough I paid cash for the rims then received a box of rims a few days later LOL. Exodus bars as always and a slew of ti upgrades for the profile cranks to keep thing light. This build should be about 3/4 pound lighter than my last rig and the best part was I took off 8 oz. with the wheels alone. Rotating weight is the most important so I got that thing runnin solid. Full parts list and the finished pics tomorrow. Leave a comment and tell me how fast it is gonna be. LOL


Anonymous said...

Why is your room always so dam messy!

Ryno said...

Well... it depends on who's riding it. I meam if Stump, Maris,or any other elite jump on it they are gonna gas off on that bitch. Now you on the other hand are prob gonna fall on a 3 inch roller eat shit on Friday practice and pull out the race for the weekend. But keep telling yourself its gonna be fast if it makes you feel better.