Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dat Go.

Sorry Bob. Their happens to be a new builder in town and he goes by the name of Nick MFIN Valencia. I finished up the whip today and it came out pretty sick so Im really jazzed about that but that was the 2nd build of the day. I got an early start at LCRSP and knocked out a fairly legit 5 foot box jump that took a solid 8 hours to build. Im paid by the hour and gonna be let go due to budget constraints pretty soon so I wasnt racing to get the box jump done but it came out good. Painting it tomorrow and it will be used for school shows in the future. Better be the near future LOL, some time through the build someone asked how long the ramp would last and I replied with "longer than my city employment, but that aint sayin much I guess" LOL. Thanks goes out to * Name Drop In 5,4,3,2,1.... Ryan Nyquist for lending me all his man tools so I could get it done faster. Nail guns are always fun to use and it speeds up the process. School shows and community centers book now for your FREE LCRSP Shows. Due to questionable employment status you may wanna book for the next 2 weeks, I cant guarantee anything after that time frame LOL. Good times @ LCRSP and hopefully the shows go off well. My boss seems to think he can MC them, I have seen a few shows in my time and the show is 2 things riding and MC work. If either sucks the vibe just doesnt work. He has big shoes to fill as Al is magic on a mic and has the skills to make shows work, my boss... errrrr not so much.

Whip Check!

Frame/Fork- SX Envy 21.25 Custom Mid BB, SX Pro Lite Fork
Wheels- Sun Ringle 4 Stroke hubs Ti front spokes and new Envy Lite 1.5 Rims
Cranks Profile Race w/ Hollow Ti Spindle and Knight Ti Bolts, JW Spider w/ Rennen 43.7t gear. 545 Pedals
Supercross Stem with Escobars and S&M Thin Grips
Eclat Seat/Post Combo w/ Fly clamp
Shimano Brakes, Maxxis 1.5 rear tire and MK2 1.75 front tire. Lite tubes when I get a chance and a KMC chain for now.
Weight? Well under 20 pounds :)

For Sale! gently used (see Thrashed in websters dictionary) sx envy 21.25 pro xl shoot me an offer...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nick-
Sorry to hear about your job at LCRSP. Totally sucks! Tyler will be dissappointed. BTW...he broke his arm at school, so he's off the bike for a couple more weeks. Hope to see you at the track when he's all healed up.