Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Fresh off the boat. The cruise was fairly rad and I had a good time down south in Mexico. Good times and Id do it again, but definitely going to have to save up some more funds for it LOL. 7 days with an open casino can take a toll on your bank account, be warned kids. Congrats to Alan Hudson for taking down a Win or two at the Oregon Siberian national race. He is always going fast and good shit to see him get some cheddar for his efforts. Good job son. Arrived home and had the custom one off Gunmetal Grey SX Envy with a mid bottom bracket instead of the typical euro setup like the norm waiting for me. Quickly got all my parts taken apart and headed over to the new top secret powder operations AKA Rodney for a fresh coat of black. Thats right, leaving the white for another phase and going with a grey/black/white balance on this new build. Profiles will transfer the power to the wheels which are the new 1.50 envy lites courtesy of the boys at Sun Ringle' and the entire build should be a pound lighter than my previous setup. I have a few things up my sleeve as well and I might take the build to a silly weight but we shall see. Thanks to Bill @ SX for the support and Sun Ringle' for the wheels as always. Pics when I get it all assembled. Leaving to Vegas for the weekend today or tomorrow, unless I somehow shade out but Im pretty sure Im headed that way- Yeeeeee

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