Monday, March 14, 2011

Camera Phone Shots

Made a shotty attempt at cleanin up my room today because just piles of crap everywhere it seemed LOL. Tipped over my collection of hotel key cards and thought I might be at my goal of 100. I counted em up and was shy at 69, but was pretty psyked because some cards were easy to remember the trip vividly. Standout cards were from Grand Sierra in Reno, and even from when it was Hilton. Quite a few Tahiti Village cards as well due to Interbike trips, Roynuts peeing in Fowlers helmet @ 4am., and my gambling addiction LOL. NBL Grands cards were in their too and I chuckled at the stories related to that. Good times. 31 more to go then Im doing something cool with them all, any ideas please let me know. I was then laughing my ass off when I noticed this box of hats thats been sitting in my room for about 4 months of Nor*Cal Classic swag has the word "califonia" on it. Haha I guess in Bangladesh it doesnt matter if you can spell as long as you can stitch up fitted caps for $0.13 a piece your fine. LOL Thats all for now its Bingo night tonight and Im past due for a win, who is down to ride?

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Ryno said...

Aww yes... NBL GRANDS... it seems we always have a good time in Kentucky... Shaaouw shaaouw. If I'm not on the injured list this year I'm sure we will get into some shit as we always do. But no crazy floozies to ball up the night like in 08... ha