Monday, January 16, 2012


First things first lets get this out the way. The score for the 2012 Jonas Harmon aint got nuthin on me battle is so far 1-0 in favor of me :) Jonas picked me off after he snuck some wd-40 into staging and sprayed my pedals, I tried to hold him off for a transfer spot on Saturday and he blew by me I even tried to kick him from the looks of it but it was his master plan working in all actuality... But come main time I was all business! Had lane 7 so I knew I had to get out front and start cuttin down the long inside line which was filled with Brandon Panuccio who didnt need lane 2 but took it to the bank anyway. My other good friend Korban Corbett was in 4 I think and although I beat him to the turn it wasnt enough to shut him down so I came out in 3rd and put a solid lap together and podiumed the thing :) Saturday wasnt so much of the same. I rode first round and missed a transfer spot and I headed back to pick up Jason. The previous day the ABA was clockin about 95motos an hour so I used the simple math and gave myself an hour window even to get back to the track on time. Well apparently Sunday is the faster day because I missed my moto by a few laps and the average had gone from about 95 to 150 motos an hour. Crazy. I was a little bummed but nothing I could do really so just ate a good lunch and gambled some more. Haha made the best out of it. Jonas took my absence and got himself onto the podium and is now beating me in NAG points. Grrrrrr. Did I mention he had the freshest D3? Thing was cleeeean. Anyway my sponsored child Tyler had bad luck on Saturday and didnt make a main but came through and got on the box Sunday with a solid 3rd at his first national ever so i was really happy for him. He has been riding well for a while now and next up Im sure is good ol intermediate class. Glad he got to go and he looked like he had a good time. Hmmmm what else. Dont ever change your numbers if you decide to give KENO a shot. I changed my digits after a few rounds and karma shot me in the foot and I missed out on $2800 LOL Found out my evo was a hot rod inspired rat rod evo of sorts in a past life. You dont have to believe it but Ill bet anyone $500 cash that this was my evo in a past so*cal life. Pretty funny. Tramp stamps in full effect.

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ilove wheels said...

i was wondering where u went..u werent there 2nd round lol..missed out on some action