Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lets Race! haha

Who knew? First off I have to say congrats to my good buddy Jonas Harmon who landed a spot and a promotion from GT Flow to Full Factory this year. Since he is "big time" now I expect him to randomly get lane 1 for the entire years semis and mains which still wont be enough for him to take down the W's. The real positive thing about his deal is I expect he will have a fresh new rig built up and dialed for each race, which is great because right here and now Steve Spencer/Rupe you've just been notified. Send this guy some new wheels because every chance I get... Dive bomb with zero regard each and every turn, word on the street is Jonas has been on a Lance Armstrongesque sprint routine with a certain Olympic medalist? Kickin things up a notch I see... If your pull does keep you out of harms way in turn 1 please believe I have the skils to transfer berm to berm and Ill gladly be waiting in turn 3 for you. Now if you excuse me Mr Harmon Im going to the garage to first build my cruiser up since I have no idea where all the parts are and then after that. Im painting it to look like an IED. Hell I might even just write IED clear and plain as day. Over and out ladies and gents! Pre signed for Reno last night, roll the dice and see if my cruiser membership is even valid still LOL Ill be at GSR with the rest of the knuckleheads so "holla at a pimp when you see me in the street"

Nate Mellone.... Why art thou duckin?

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Jonas said...

Thanks for the props brotha. Training? nah, more like eating chocolate graham crackers and a half gallon of milk every night. see you tomorrow.