Thursday, January 5, 2012

Almost done...

Frankenstein status "It's Alive" bwa ha ha LOL Stopped over at FFTEC this morning to drop off a new air filter for my car as my old one was pretty beat. Talked to Mike about the whip and suggested they get a loaner Evo for customer use. Haha the escape just doesnt cut it anymore for me. Speaking of which someone buy it off me that thing has no room left when my evo gets back home. Gotta unload it to some sucker.... errr some friend hehe. E85 is down to $2.89 in Sunol, not that Id drive there to fill up my car but from where I am its only 6miles and likely a pretty good idea so I may have to check that station out when the time comes for the first tank of corn syrup. Sat staring at Pat B's drag evo for a good while at the shop and that thing is SICK. Too much car for me but I bet it's a shit storm when you go all out in that thing. Anyway just wanted to blog for no apparent reason. I will be blogging there on LCRSP related things in the near future so keep an eye on that. Ta Ta For Now

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