Thursday, January 12, 2012


Haha pulled this beast out the rafters today where its been hanging just awaiting its time to shine LOL. Hopefully the tires went flat from just sitting overtime because honestly if one of em is flat I dont know if I care enough to replace a tube in it LOL. Looking to have some fun on the big bike, likely buzz my butt and flip the bars at some point. Pickin up SuperSilva sometime after 9ish in the morning and headed over to Reno. Early morning as Alicia flies out to AZ for some bachlorette stuff, haha sketchy for sure but what can ya do. :) So gotta wake up early for that and then its straight to Concord to pick up Jason. Hopefully his lady Kristi is there and I can see her its been awhile, shit I think since their wedding is the last time I saw her. Too long. Thats it for now, not even dusting this rig off juss tossed it in the car and stole some pedals off my real bike. Classic.

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