Monday, January 2, 2012


Kicked off the new year in Reno with some fam bam and things went fairly well. Didnt spend alot gambling because I have 3 gambling trips in 4weekends so I have to pace myself, but with the way I was thrwoing up new years day you think I invested my money in Jack Daniels LOL. I did the countdown and watched the fireworks and all was well. Got into bed about 2am for a cat nap and set my alarm for 3:30am to hit the casino one more time before I came back home and boy was waking up a mistake. I started puking nonstop for the next 12hours or so and it was horrible. After the first round it was a dry heave session the whole rest of the night/morning. Scary traces of blood all in the mix and just overall worst feeling ever and take it as starting the new year so bad that is has to get better HAHA. Been on a chicken noodle soup diet ever since and still headin to work to get this time and a half pay plus evening pay differential? Yeah buddy! Reno in a few days followed by Vegas for my cuzzins birthday which I hope to see him puking haha. Happy New Year to everyone and hope the year brings you some goodness and if it doesnt, hit me up and we can force some goodness LOL. Evo has oficially been at the tuner shop since last year! Im gonna blog so much when I get it back people are gonna think I just bought a new car LOL. Hmmm what else Jay Fil been duckin me, I think our man love has dissolved gonna have to visit him soon, plus that fool owes me a hunnid so Ima have to definitely get over and visit, if nothing more than to see his GF haha. Jason Silva is my cohort for reno, look for us to be watching mains and cheering along all the guys who trained through the harsh Nor*Cal winter LOL what we get .00009" inches of rain? LOL Hrmmm what else Porter is back on the privateer program so kinda psyked he has to get back to the old AP and lay down nasty ponies again. Who else is a Reno person Im wanting to see... Nate Mellone? Blehh to watch him at Reno Ill have to turn around mid lap and that aint happenin. Thats it for now time to warm up another round of chx noods for lunch.

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