Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Steps...

First I was just happy to get transferred over to the hospital gig and now Im set on taking over that thang with no education whatsoever haha. See today I got my new lilttle desk in my storeroom. Pretty uneventful to the untrained eye, but if your a hustler and you got the ambition you just saw me start to come up. See getting a desk warrants you needing a desk, and needing a desk means you aint no random dude just there for the paycheck, you makin moves. And that I am. So here it is, nothing too crazy just ordered out of Staples or some office supply but to me its status. Veronicas cubicle is slightly overshadowing me at the moment but in due time I will negotiate some more real estate. I still swipe Marias chair for the time being, now I just need to convince my boss that I need a computer for some random reason and Ill be golden. Its all about forward progress, you see a desk and I see a future. Next up, simply enough a chair LOL Enjoy the best $39.99 Ikea special that money can buy and hard work can warrant. Off to Vegas puttin $100 against the 49ers, Hate me. LOL

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