Thursday, September 25, 2014

Balance Achieved.

Ok so after a slight day of shittyness over finances and what not I think I got things under control. Time will tell I guess so hopin Im right. How do you balance a lopsided checkbook? YOU WORK. So thats what I did last weekend to get the incoming total higher than the outgoing total. Worked a few very undesirable shifts with minimal rest and in one or two cases no rest between and LONG hours that went into double OT so things should head north again. Had a few different conversations with different people and some people totally understand it and where I come from and some are just clueless which I totally understand. I try to break it down for people who just dont get it fairly simple. When you grow up in a less than stellar financial situation you either accept it and let that be your status quo or you make it a point to never get back into that situation when its in your control. I take the latter. So I live pretty damn frugal or at least I think I do and I dont spend as much or as wild as I probably could. Sure people may not see me rocking the newest jordans, and I might have the same tee shirt that you saw me in 2 times last week, I dont drive a fancy car albeit my fuckin evo could be a Benz at this point LOL. But I live simple, simplicity has its place in life and if you can pass on some of the things that people take on you would be shocked at how much liquid cash you could save and use toward better longer lasting things. In the past month I saw $8k basically get pissed away for lack of a better explanation and it was a harsh realization that people may not value money, but you always should value your time and in my situation it takes alot of time to generate that kind of money. I dont think if I were to stumble upon a billion dollars that I would be much different and honestly Id likely give more money away than I would spend on myself cuz Im just not that type of person to need money or items, but when it comes to the option of wasting or saving for a rainy day count me in the saver category. All that being said Ill be in hawaii in a few weeks so all that ranting is fully hypocritical for the most part, but feels good to get it off my chest. Someone I told I was going to hawaii asked how I could afford it and it was a simple reply "work. and lots of it" they told me they could never take a trip of that stature and it bewildered me. Hawaii is like $400 in flights and some hotel stays you could easily knock out a trip for $750 if you do it right. They told me that they would never be able to afford that... I pointed out the $250 phone they were texting on that comes with a $50 bill monthly, then glanced across at their car that comes with $250 per month payments, and told them that the choices they make without even making them are the reasons they dont have the liquid to go to hawaii or anywhere else. Everyone is guilty of it, but shit if people could sacrifice a little of the normal expenses that they think they need and make some goals and do new things it would really show people they are more than just rats in the race. Thats all rant over. #ifyougottapayforitwhynotpayitforward

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