Thursday, September 18, 2014

Curve Balls

Ever have a day where from sun up to sun down you just catching all kinda of shocks and surprises? Thats was my day today to the T. I aint ever one to keep a secret so here goes, I wake up and hear someone wants to hollar at me when I know damn well that person doesnt like me. Why the hell they wanna get ahold of me all of a sudden? My days been going perfectly fine and I dont need a visit from anyone who aint trying to keep me going in a positive way, keep your weak shit all by yourself LOL. Then I find out Im walking around thinkin Im rich and ballin and find out clearly beyond a shadow of a doubt I am so not ballin. LOL Fake it til ya make it is the new theme for me from here on out. I be joking with the homie about "strugglin" and shit little did I know I am actually struggling. Lordy lordy. I work 7 days a week for like months at a time as much as 16 hours days and hella shifts and then I glance at my account and I dont see the reflection of that? Oh hell muthafuggin nah. Some bullshit. Anyway thats it for now, anyone hiring cuz apparently my new lifestyle is a bit more expensive than I thought it was. LOL #FML

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